Chemical Industries pollution control Product

Wet Scrubber System/Ventury Scrubber System

  • We design fabricate, install & commission at site Wet Scrubber made of SS, MS, PP FRP, PVC FRP in various Diameter & heights
  • Its highly resistance to Corrosion & temperature resistance up to 500deg.C
  • It is packed with tower packing for increasing Scrubbing Efficiency
  • It is Very useful for Acidic fume SO2, SO3, HCL,HNO3 & NOx gases absorption & stripping, with alkaline & water to neutralize & to make acid.
  • Laboratory Gas Scrubber used In Chemical Laboratory for Scrubbing of toxic gases.
  • Used as Acidic Fume Scrubber to neutralize HCL & H2so4 acidic fumes emitted from the reactor in Chemical Industries

Our custom design Wet Scrubber or Industrial Scrubber is generally installed on chimneys or air exhaust systems to control pollution. These are made of high graded raw material with the help of sophisticated machines and latest technology.

The salient features include the following:

  • Ability to handle high temperatures & moisture
  • Compact
  • Ability to remove both gases as well as particulate matter
  • Capability to neutralize corrosive gases
Wet Scrubber